Why We Don't Use Fragrance Oils (& you shouldn't either)

Fragrance oils are used in the vast majority of candles. Anne Steinemann, who is an environmental pollutants expert as well as a professor of civil engineering and the chair of sustainable cities at the University of Melbourne, teaches us that candles emit numerous types of potentially hazardous chemicals that include benzene and toluene. These chemicals are known to cause brain damage as well as damage to the lungs and central nervous system, not to mention developmental difficulties. Fragrance oils also contribute to asthma and are known to cause cancer. Methylene chloride is a carcinogen that causes autoimmune disease and was outlawed in 1989 but sadly there are reports showing that it is still being used in some candles today.

There are no regulations on labels for candles. This means that a label can say essential oils when in reality the makers could have used less than 5% essential oils mixed with mainly fragrance oils, or they could claim that they use organic soy wax (which actually doesn't exist, read more about that here). In other countries like Mexico, Canada, and Europe there are thousands of outlawed chemicals and in the US we've only outlawed around 11. 

So why do people continue to use fragrance oils? MONEY! It sadly boils down to the fact that fragrance oils are cheap. Since people are catching on to the harmful effects of these oils, manufacturers are adding adjectives to their oils like "high-quality" or "aromatherapy" to try to make them sound better and more appealing.

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Kellie Mueller